“Sundar is like a pilot that takes you to a destination of relaxation and peace of mind. Whether I come into a session tense and sore or feeling good and just in for a tune up, the results are always relaxed, happy and at peace.”

—Carla G.

Business Systems Analyst at Symantec

“The last few months have been the greatest in my life, thanks to Sundar. You have brought a wonderful happiness meaning to my life, not only to me but to my family as well. There was a day, not long time ago that I was in a lot of pain and sorrow, depressed, with not focus or hope for the future. Now as you have helped me and my soul to heal beautifully, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you spread your beautiful soul to all around you, as you have done to me, love.”

—P.K. Ghaiy

Abingdon Business Capital's President

“The pain in my left hand was so severe that I could not put my coat on! The right hand was also painful but less so. Initially, I received standard physical therapy treatments. Later, I began the acupuncture treatments. I can truthfully say that the pain in my hands is now minimal! It is a great relief for me to not have to be on pain medication. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that acupuncture method has helped me.”

—Elisa Harvie

“I feel great! Before I got treatments from Sundar, I wasn’t doing good, now after regular treatments I feel each time better and better. Not as moody and I feel much calmer. Thank you for being a great friend and a master in your healing art.”

—Paul O.

Xerox Corp Sales

“As a client of Sundar, I have witnessed and appreciated his professional and academic achievements. Luckily for me, they have been evidenced in the excellent, “hands on”, care he provides.”

—Ed Burke

3 Time Olympic Athletic

“Sundar is a one of a kind healer and teacher. He is thorough, loving, thoughtful and extremely skilled. He has clear energy that supports one’s goals in healing. He is receptive to questions, listens and develops a healing plan that will leave you rested and rejuvenated.”

—C. Healey

Occupational Therapist

“Thank you Sundar, I feel great, much better about myself, much more grounded and able to think more clearly, without those pesky clouds in my minds. Thanks for all the help, love.“


Software Engineer

“When I get treatments with sundar, I feel that my world stop from spinning without control. Sundar, a healer and a teacher. My lower back is being in pain for the last 15 years, and now is releasing. Sundar had won my trust, that not other therapist has, and because that I can feel at easy. After his treatments I feel at peace and purified, like I am detoxing. My breath is deeper, calmer and feels amazing. Everything has come back to center, where it belongs! He works until he is done and my body is where it needs to be, the hands of a Healer.”

—Jessica Flaa

School Teacher and Mom

“Sundar you are a wise and magical being. When I came to you I felt your healing energy, my body drank in all the wise and loving healing. Thank you very much for being yourself and share it with the world.”



“I have experience Sundar’s treatment twice in the last couple of months. While the treatment is happening I can feel how all the bad emotions, the anger, sadness and other negative feelings are leaving my body. The treatment is a whole systems process, because he goes thorough all the parts in your body that hurt, it likes he connects with the pain and he takes it away. After the treatment is over, I feel like a total new person, I feel light like a bird, as If I could fly… Later on, I still feel perfect, and my body so relaxed, like I just got out of a hot tub.” 

—Maitane Goikolea

15 years old, Dancer for SF Ballet

“After Sundar’s treatment, I feel like flowing chocolate!!! The session released all of the tension in my body, like melting chocolate cubes! Everyone should try this and the world would be a less stressful place for all, I have had many treatments for the past 10 years and it gets better and better, this is by far the best one I have ever had!!!”

—Tammy Bach

“I always feel better and Free after Sundar’s treatment. His healing hands work miracles for my maladies. I m glad to know him, he has a gentle spirit, a generous heart and a genuine love and respect for mankind. My only wish is to have more abundance, to be asked to have his services in a daily basis morning and night, thank you, Namaste.”

—Kim G.


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