NLP Life Coach

Help U Heal, as an NLP Life Coach, uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques combined with Five Element Theory to provide powerful tools for life management and enhancement. NLP offers specific techniques to identify what you want, and how to get there. Five Element Therapy incorporates the five elements according to an individual’s personality type—balancing and transforming the emotions of anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness to love, compassion, calmness, surrender, and joy.

How These Techniques Work

As an NLP life coach, we offer specific tools to effect personal change, for example to know exactly what you want, and how to get there, to clear up unresolved issues, and to gain acceptance, forgiveness, transformation, and metamorphosis.

Five Element Therapy works by incorporating the five elements theory according to your personality type so that you may balance and transform the emotions of anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness into love, compassion, calmness, surrender, and all encompassing joy.

Spiritual Counseling is offered to support your life purpose by helping you to define the barriers that are stopping you from your goals, so you can always give your best. Counseling also guides you in your relationship with yourself and others by understanding the masculine and feminine energy as well as the third entity—the relationship itself—allowing for more fulfilling connections & successful partnerships.

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Find Relief from Stress and Trauma

Somatic Experiencing® offers a powerful framework to resolve fixated physiological states and restore your well-being.
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Whether you have acute pain or have been to the doctor with inconclusive lab results, yet know that something isn’t right, Help U Heal Healing Arts gets to the root of your issue for lasting relief.